Jamiyyatul Falah Greenview School/College Inaugurated three days Annual Sports Meet.

Jamiyyatul Falah Greenview School/College Inaugurated three days Annual Sports Meet.

Jamiyyatul Falah (Unity for Success), a state government award winning charity organization aided Greenview primary, high school and college inaugurated three days Annual Sports Meet-2018 on Thursday, 13 December 2018 at 9:30am. in Greenview sports ground at Adkare Padpu, Konaje.

The event started with a positive note from School/college Principal Aboobaker who welcomed the dignitaries.  JFCC treasurer Ibrahim Kodijal was the presiding officer for the event. He hoisted the flag and took the salute from the cadets of school’s four houses. In his presidential speech, he stressed to give importance to sports for the growth of mind and body.

A.B.Hassainar inaugurated the sports event. Jamiyyatul Falah Administrator Distinguished Toastmaster Shameer Ahmed Kudroli emphasized that such event will boost the confidence in students and sports will play vital role in shaping up the students to become leaders in future. Al Ihsan Youth association President and old student association Secretary M.C. Siraj Adkarepadpu spoke in the event. Primary school head teacher Mrs. Evlin D Ivan, social worker Mohammed and school development committee members were also present on the dais.

Old student associate vice president Mustafa received the guard of honour. Vice President of Sneha Deepa Mrs.Thabssum who were also the former student of the school received the torch flam from sports captain as a symbol to commence the event. Panchayath members Mrs. Thahira and Mrs. Flevi were also present in the event.

The event has taken forward by the children marching in their sports uniform which made the event more colourful, besides being spectacular, there is something inexplicably inspiring about a march fast was a sense of dignity and pride the cadets bring to it. A well-coordinated march-fast was a feast to the eyes and ears where coupled with some string marching music.

High School Teacher Rashmi S. compered the program and Physical Trainer Mohammed Ashraf offered the vote of thanks.

Jamiyyatul Falah succeeded in initiating a widespread debate on educational upliftment of Muslims. As a result Jamiyyatul Falah a well-known non-governmental organization promoting education in the community since 1988 and has been running Jamiyyatul Falah Greenview high school and pre-university college in Adkare Padpu near Konaje.

Thousands of students have come out of the school after passing the matriculation and pursued higher education in pre-university college till now. At present the school has 310 students and 14 teaching staff.  The primary school students’ get midday meal and milk under midday meal & Ksheera Bhagya scheme of the Karnataka Government. However JF provide these facilities to high school and college students as well. In addition, the children are being provided with books and other requirements free of cost.  The schools have assumed a proactive role in the community development by educating parents and local residents on sanitation, hygiene, value of education and such other issues of public importance.

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