To begin with, four remote under developed villages with predominant Muslim population – Adkare Padpu, Malar, Ira and Bolluru – in Bantwal & Mangalore taluks, were selected for the project. Primary schools were started in mosques/ madarasas in these villages and poor students were provided free education irrespective of caste consideration. These schools were run for over a decade without any government grants.

In the later days, the State government introduced several schemes such as midday meals, free uniform, books etc for students at government schools. With a view to ensure that the children of our schools should not be deprived of such benefits, three of the four schools were handed over to Education department, despite opposition from some quarter of the organisation. Even today, the schools are functioning under the name of Jamiyyatul Falah Government Model School, imparting education to the poor children of respective villages and near by.

The Jamiyyatul Falah has been running Jamiyyatul Falah Green View High School in Adkare Padpu near Konaje, Mangalore Taluk and thousands of students have come out of the school after passing the matriculation till now. At present, the school has 290 students and 14 teaching staff. The 12,000 sq feet school building spread over 1.30 acres has well equipped classrooms, staff rooms, office, computer lab, library, auditorium, kitchen, toilets and sprawling background.

In addition, the children are being provided with books, Mid-day meals and other amenities. This institution have assumed a proactive role in the community development by educating parents and local residents on education, health, sanitation, hygiene, Govt Schemes and such other issues of public importance.